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Interactive Interior Light

‘MILKI’ is a lamp from imagination story that Dachshund eat and swallow star.

Interactive Interior Light, milki

‘MILKI’ is the one of ‘WNcart’ lamp item from imagination story that Dachshund eat and swallow star and finally turned the lighting with touch sense on neck. Head and hip was made of ceramic. This also presented to Seoul Design Olympic in 2005 and many attendant’s not only our people but foreigners like it and happy to touch it. 

독특하고 귀여운 캐릭터를 가진 닥스훈트를 모티브로 별을 먹어 긴 허리에서 빛이 난다는 스토리로 디자인 된 밀키. 꼬리는 전선이 되고 턱을 쓰다듬는 행동은 스위치가 됩니다. 얼굴과 귀여운 엉덩이는 도자기로 만들어 사랑스러움을 더했습니다.

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